The Couchella Effect: Monique

Couple of photos from the super fun personal style portrait session that I did for my friend Monique Rosal a few weeks ago. This wasn’t my first time to photograph this girl. I’d shot her some two years ago, at a time when I had had very little experience, and thus had had very little […]

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Sneak Peek: A Siargao Love Story

You know that proverbial trip countdown in which you put up a calendar in every corner imaginable and mark a big fat X on each day as your holiday/vacation draws closer and closer? And, to quote that commercial starring Meredith Bishop from 7 years ago, for this “you need a half-inch-wide stripe of permanent […]

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To Womb It May Concern

Always I’ve considered photographing musicians to be a big deal. Not so much because music has kind of been a huge part of my life (like I mentioned in a previous post, I was raised in a household where musicality was, for the most part, the glue when all else failed, and I also happened […]

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